Is $ADA Vaporware?

Alireza Seifi
2 min readFeb 27, 2018

I think there is a lot to like about the project on the surface. A lot of thinking has gone into the project in terms of technical design, roadmap, etc.

There is intellectual horsepower behind the project and it’s certainly a lot more legit than a ton of projects. Just the fact that they are basing their Smart Contract language on Haskell was enough to get my inner geek excited.

HOWEVER, if there is one thing that 10 years in the technology industry has taught me, it is that better tech doesn’t win. Go google “worse is better” for why.

Haskell the language is a great example — perhaps the best programming language there is in terms of design — yet most of you have never heard of it. I bet there are few you that haven’t heard of Javascript — a language that was literally hacked together in 2 weeks in the 90s — and is now the most widely used languages on the planet by many metrics.

Cardano has all the signs of over-engineering. Far from being a strength, their “scientific” and academic approach, with peer review, will most likely be their downfall. They won’t be able to move fast enough whilst some hack cobbles together a “Javascript” platform that is good enough and scales. Other people will focus on the getting the “product” to market and getting mindshare — my prediction is that Cardano will most likely be the Betamax of Smart Contract platforms.


Cryptocurrencies are a mix of some bubbles and the future. Yes some of these bubbles are going to burst and a lot of people invested in shitcoins are going to lose money.

However, those projects that have actual real life implementation are going to live and will be the future. There is no doubt that blockchain is literally the future. However, it is currently the wild west and rich man’s game.

So you really have to choose carefully…



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